Hello, 6th Grade! This is my fourth year at KMS and I am excited for this year as we learn to analyze, read, comprehend, and compare texts. We will also be working on improving our writing. We will also be learning new strategies to help you be a lifelong learner and successful. A little about me, I love to watch Netflix and do DIY projects as I spend time at home with my family.
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Update! As of August 22, 2018:

  1. Students need a folder to keep graded work in the classroom.
  2. Remind students to ask for missing assignments upon arriving to class after being absent. Missing work is only excusable for as many days the student was absent. If the student does not ask for the assignment they were absent for, each day it's missing, it's a point off. Ex. The student is absent 2 days. The student arrives to class, doesn't ask for make-up work for 2 days. Upon the 3rd day the student has been back, 1 point is deducted for being late.
  3. Please connect with me on Remind. The link is above! 



  • 6th Graders!! Here is what you need for my ELA class:
    • -Your personal earbuds for computer assignments.
    • -pencils (mechanical if the student has the lead refill.) Otherwise, good old No2 Pencils that can be sharpened work great! -lined paper
    • -2 Notebooks--spiral is fine, Small binder works too. (This will be to take notes in class and use as a study guide) also (Interactive Notebook)
    • -highlighters
  • **NO Sharpies or Pens are required** (we are going to make mistakes that need to be erased.) 
  • We follow directions the first time they are given.
  • We are in our seat and working when the bell rings.
  • We come prepared as we would in a job! All materials required.
  • We raise our hand and wait for permission to speak or leave our seat.
  • We respect others, the teacher, and our laptops and headphones in the classroom provided.
  • We put on headphones during software rotations and do not talk or get on any other website without the teacher’s permission
  • We never quit or give up!