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I am very pleased to have this opportunity to work with you and your child here at Kenwood Middle School; as their math teacher. I earned my Bachelor's Degree at Western Governors University of Tennessee. I have worked at Kenwood for several years, first as an educational assistant, then as a student teacher and now a 7th grade math teacher. I am looking forward to a successful year. Let us build your child's future together; one lesson at a time.
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Math Student Supplies for 2021-20

3-pronged plastic folder, wide-ruled notebook paper, pencils, sharpener, erasers, earbuds/headphones, clear tape or glue sticks, dry erase markers, color pencils, or a pack of color highlighters                              

Classroom Supplies: Hand Sanitizer, 1 box of tissues


Course of Study:

The Number System: Provides an opportunity for students to reinforce and extend their understanding of operations with rational numbers.

Expressions and Equations: The purpose is to ensure that students have a strong foundation in manipulating and solving algebraic expressions and equations.

Ratios and Proportions: Students will investigate and solve problems involving rates and develop their understanding of ratios to include complex fractions and percent. Students will analyze proportional relationships and use them to solve real-world problems.

Geometry: Students will engage in hands-on investigation of the properties of triangles and other geometric shapes. We will work with two-dimensional figures and work with circumference and area of circles and three-dimensional figures by exploring their volumes, as well as determining surface area of three dimensional figures.

Statistics and Probability: The focus is on the foundational understandings related to simple and or compound probability. They will use random sampling to draw inferences about a population.



I use a variety of teaching strategies to present grading opportunities, which include independent practice, homework, partner or group work and projects. Homework will be assigned based on concepts taught or any review concepts. Work that is submitted late will earn a maximum of 80% up to 2 days after it's due date. Work turned in 3 days or more after the due date will receive a maximum grade of 50%.  Work will not be accepted after the unit assessment.  The district policy applies for absences.  Assignments will be placed in the absentee folder by date.  Students are responsible for getting their own missing assignments.  It is the student’s responsibility to turn-in their make-up work to receive credit. 


I give advance notice prior to most scheduled assessments and students should study for each.  Each assessment will consist of the content previously taught. Students can use their own class notes on quizzes only. Other assessments will be given throughout each of the nine weeks.  Students will be given an opportunity to make corrections to an assessment to improve their grade. Students will earn half the points for each corrected problem. They must show their work for corrections to count. There will also be mandated assessments given throughout the school year according to state and district regulations.


 You can access In-progress grades through the PowerSchool Program (link listed above).  Students will earn Practice scores worth 30% of their overall grade: classwork, homework, participation work.  They will also earn Assessment scores worth 70% of their overall grade: tests, quizzes, and /or projects. Contact the schools office for PowerSchool passwords.  Grades for each week will be available by Tuesday of the following week.

Thank you, Mrs. L. Nettles

Classroom Expectations: 

  1. Come to class on time prepared with all supplies needed to succeed.
  2.  Respect yourself, teachers, classmates, staff, and the property of others.
  3. Work quietly. To ask or answer a question, raise your hand and wait to be called on.
  4. Submit homework or classwork on the due date.