6th Grade Social Studies, BETA Club Sponsor, PIE Representative

6th Grade ELA, Talent Show Assistant Coordinator

6th & 7th Grade Social Studies

7th Grade Social Studies

Physical Education

6-8th Grade Math & Science Inclusion

7th / 8th Grade RLA (Inclusion)

ISA Technician, Information Coordinator

Computer Technology Business Applications

6th Grade School Counselor

Physical Education

8th Grade Science, STEM Teacher

Physical Education, Get Fit Be Strong Club (After school).

Leadership 4Life

Administrative Assistant

6-8th Grade Comprehensive Development Classroom

8th Grade Social Studies, New Teacher Lead-Mentor and KMS CIT

7th/8th grade CTE STEM, STEM Teacher

Educational Assistant

6th Grade Math, Support Team Chair, Jump Start Sponsor, and Math Team Co-Sponsor

7th Grade School Counselor

6th Grade Science, STEM Teacher

8th Grade Science (Lancelot team), Talent Show Host

6-8th Grade Gifted Education/8thgr. Inclusion Math, Special Education Lead Teacher

Assistant Principal, 8th Grade

8th Grade Social Studies

Administrative Assistant/Attendance

8th Grade Social Studies, Kenwood Football Assistant Coach

Student Support Coordinator, After School Program Co-Chair, Math Team Sponsor

7th Grade Science

7th Grade Social Studies, Girls Basketball Coach

7-8th Grade RLA, leadership committee

General Music and Choir Grades 6-8, KMS Choir Director Grades 6-8

Educational Assistant

Special Education (CDC)

Educational Assistant

8th Grade School Counselor

Computer Literacy 6th & 7th/PE 7th & 8th

Librarian, Junior Civitan Advisor, VSBA Book Club Advisor

6th Grade Science, STEM Teacher

CDC Educational Assistant

6th Grade English Language Arts, Math RTI

6-8th Math; Spec. Populations, School Newsletter Editor

6th Grade Social Studies, BEP Committee Member, Technology Assistant

Assistant Principal

Bookkeeper, Parent Volunteer Coordinator

6th Grade Math (Inclusion)

6th Grade Social Studies

Educational Assistant

6th-7th Grade Comprehensive Math/Inclusion